Jul 31, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">July 31, 2022. The Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship has deteriorated considerably, and the 2 are simply as prone to combat as the rest. There was a time, in fact, when the Joker had Harley beneath his thumb, however she broke free. She’s grow to be a premiere hero within the DC Universe, even becoming a member of the Bat-Family.. Harley has prioritized the Joker above the lives of innocent people and barely bats an eyelid at attempted murder. 5 Killing Children As Harleen One of Harley Quinn's most despicable acts is portrayed in the New 52 relaunch series. After joining the Suicide Squad, Harley's mentality deteriorates and she has 'relapses' into her old persona Harleen.

The Joker has had a tumultuous character arc across Harley Quinn‘s first two seasons. After Harley broke up with him in the series’ first episode, Joker did what anyone who got dumped would do: pretend everything was fine while secretly plotting the takeover of Gotham City. His plan worked for a time, but he soon [].